February 26, 2018

Alternatives To The Rolex GMT Master II Watch? Replica At Lowest Price

After Rolex introduced the upgraded ceramic bezel GMT Master II almost ten years back it was possibly among the most aggressive alterations to this historical model. A gorgeous fresh scratch and fade resistant ceramic insert for the bezel, a heftier case and more conspicuous dial ushered in a new age for this pilot’s watch. Despite the rest of the benefits and advancements, the new ceramic bezel seemingly could only be formed in one colour so all black bezel GMTs were the sole option (besides some rather eclectic precious stone models).Fast ahead to Basel 2013. When the doors opened, Rolex managed to show off what its meticulous magicians had been working on for decades: The world’s earliest one slice ceramic bezel in two different colors, black and blue. The pilot’s night and afternoon watch was back in gloomy, but no one was anticipating it to be back in black. I have been sporting the newest GMT Master II BLNR (bleu-noir) for over half a year and during my first few times with the GMT, ” I couldn’t think the similarity in relaxation with my trusty Datejust. I never imagined anything could be as comfortable as the 36mm timeless I was sporting for much of the previous year. The GMT sits on my wrist and the comfortable level brings more time to regard the “high tech” new bezel.I state high tech not in the Apple Watch sense but instead since the bezel is a intricate component in terms of how it looks depending on different lighting. In direct sunlight it’s the brightest blue I will ever remember seeing. In neutral room lighting it’s more matte blue and in darker settings it virtually pits to black.

Jason K. from Chile asks:

Rolex GMT Alternative? I love the look / functionality of the Rolex Gmt Master Blue Black Price Replica GMT but don’t really want to buy a Rolex and in particular as I hate the bulbous lens over the date window. Can you provide some alternatives that offer the same functionality (GMT hand, bi-directional bezel w. 24 hour scale), mechanical movement and quality that will last a lifetime?

You have featured some alternatives on the site such as Nivrel, Christopher Ward, Seiko, etc but they don’t seem to have the bi-directional bezel.

Thanks for your help.

Max here. I think the Oris Diver GMT (see: http://www.oris.ch/en/watches/oris-divers-gmt-date/01-668-7639-8454-07-4-24-34eb) maybe a great alternative that is on the low price point side. It has bi-directional bezel and GMT hand and good looks. I have seen and handled it in person at an AD, and I must say I was impressed, especially when you consider the price point: ~$2000.00.

Finally, for a little more, I can recommend the Omega Seamaster GMT 300M. I’ve reviewed it on aBTW last year here. I am wearing it as I write this, so it’s needless to say how much I like it as a work beater.

The AquaTerra version that Ariel reviewed recently has in-house movement and is priced higher than the old James Bond Seamaster and certainly gives you a fairer competitor to the Rolex Gmt Master Pepsi For Sale Replica GMT.

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