November 23, 2016

Blue/Red Bezel Rolex GMT Master Fake Watch ref. 1675

The Blue/Red Bezel Rolex GMT Master Fake Watch is fitted with a nicely faded fat font Pepsi bezel inset. The hunt for the right insert took months, but the end result was worth the wait in our opinion. This watch is fitted with a hollow link Oyster bracelet still in decent shape. The movement is clean and keeping time spot on.This watch was incorporated to a watch lifestyler’s collection as part of a trade and cash type of deal.

This Rolex GMT Master Fake Watch comes with the correct calendar disc with open sixes and nines and the matte dial is just perfect, clean and with a beautiful egg shell to cream patina. While the dial is a MK IV example correct to the time period of the watch in the 5.5 million serial range, the bezel is an earlier example no longer found on watches of this time period.

The hands show very little corrosion and match the dial perfectly with the same type of patina. The case has not been over polished like on most watches of this time period and still maintains thick lugs and nice chamfers. The story behind this beautiful example of a Rolex Fake Watches ref. 1675 is just one of a kind.

To be honest, this is one of the most beautiful examples of a Rolex Watch Fake ref. 1675 that we have ever reviewed and experienced. If you come across a 1675 in this good of a condition, don’t think twice, even if you need to move another watch and add some hard earned cash to the deal. We know that you won’t regret it.

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