February 26, 2018

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Rolex And Other Watches Replica Wholesale

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Prix D'une Rolex Gmt Master Replica And Other Watches Watch Releases

Rau-Tech is a German company that exists in the boutique world of high-end watch customization. This microcosm of horology is mostly proliferated by custom Rolex watches, which are becoming quite popular. One of the most common questions I have been getting from people all over the world is, “when will Rolex start to offer black colored watches?” They seem to feel that with all the custom Rolex watches out there with black cases, there seems to be a less-than-insignificant demand. That may be so, but I don’t think that Rolex is going to start offering black-coated Submariners or other models now or anytime in the near future.

Why? Well, think about it. Rolex is first and foremost about respecting their past. The first question they will ask themselves is, “have we offered back-colored watches in the past?” If the answer is “no,” then they will move on. Of course, one can retort with the fact that in the past there were no particularly good ways of durably coating metal watches in black or other colors. PVD-coating and other techniques are relatively modern. So given these new technologies, does Rolex have a good incentive to offer black-coated watches?

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Rolex Gmt Master Lug Width Replica And Other Watches Watch Releases

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Rolex Gmt Master Kaliber Replica And Other Watches Watch Releases

Of course the answer will depend on whether or not Rolex Gmt Master Diamond Bezel Replica can do it “differently,” in a very high quality and exclusive way. The most important issue to Rolex is that they may appear to simply be following the trend set by companies they do not themselves authorize. Rolex customizers have no official relationship with Rolex. One of the reasons that new custom Rolex watches are so expensive is that the companies that make them first need to purchase the watches themselves, and then modify them, and then sell them and make some profit. Of course, these companies have discreet relationships with Rolex dealers so they aren’t paying full retail, but in any event, the price for a custom Rolex watch is still very high today.

Companies like Rau-Tech, Project X, Bamford, and Pro Hunter offer new custom Rolex Gmt Master 2 Movement Replica watches, but also engage in bespoke projects where clients send in their new or existing Rolex watches to be customized. This latter part of their business is certainly more niche, but in the end what you have is a Rolex customization business that has a lot of high costs associated with it. On top of that is the issue of quality. A stock Rolex watch has a very high level of detailing and expert finishing. Custom Rolex watches, to satisfy that core “Rolex experience,” must offer similar levels of quality, and that is hard to deliver.

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Rolex And Other Watches Watch Releases

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Rolex And Other Watches Watch Releases

In fact, one of the primary reasons that Rolex Gmt Master 3 Usato Replica does not authorize or endorse many of these custom watch projects is because they fundamentally alter the Rolex parts, including the cases and often the dials. If Rolex is selling a particular level of quality and finishing, much of that is altered by an after-market customizer. Customers interested in customizing their own watches or buying “new” customized watches are encouraged to inspect the quality carefully and be aware that the brands in many instances will not service or give issues to the people who own customized products. Like a car, if you modify your model, you can easily risk voiding your warranty.

So let’s just leave it that customizing your watch, be it a Rolex, Audemars Piguet, or Panerai (the three most common luxury brands to be customized these days) is a rich man’s game, and not without its risks. It isn’t for the typically cautious consumer and it should not be done to your most treasured timepieces. So let’s say that after being aware of all this, you are interested in buying a custom Rolex or other timepiece. Traditionally, you have been highly limited by colors – until now.

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Rolex Gmt Master James Bond Replica And Other Watches Watch Releases
The subtle contrast of this platinum GMT bezel markers combined with the bi-color black & blue bezel are a show-stopper. This is essential try blend, unless of course you don’t like the colors black & blue, in which case you ought to just get a 116710LN GMT Master II.We rank this watch a total of 8/10 in general and a 9/10 for a company watch.The cost for the watch new is $8,950. Some jewelers are even charging a premium for this colour combination since they’re in such high demand. The secondary market value is relatively close to the retail value of this timepiece. You may locate them from anywhere around $7,000-$9,000, unless you have access to a wholesaler in which case it could be less.Although simple and somewhat repetitive in design, which is a staple of Rolex, this timepiece is a hot ticket thing and value at least trying on. If you are a Rolex Gmt Master Ii Quality Replica enthusiast, you are certain to adore this piece. If you are not, you may want to discount this model and pick a Panerai GMT instead. You are probably not going to want to cover the ~$600 premium for the Batman. You can always pick up a normal GMT Master II for less well.The Rolex GMT Master II inspection details a lengthy history that makes it among the most definitions of a tool watch. The Rolex GMT-Master was intended for international travel spanning time zones. Pilots could read 24 hour to notice in their flight log books. In fact, in 1954, Rolex designed the the original GMT to get Pan-Am. It had a gilt dial, no overhead guards and a Bakelite bezel insert. Legend has it that the black faced GMT’s were for pilots, and a white confronted version was for office-based executives.The most prevalent GMT Master II model is the 16710.

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Rolex And Other Watches Watch Releases

The purpose of this article – lest I forget – is to discuss the colorful coating options offered by Rau-Tech. There are two very important points here. First is that Rau-Tech can produce rather durable coatings in a range of never before offered colors, and second, that they can coat specific sections of metal, as opposed to entire surfaces.

Rau-Tech separates these “procedures” into two distinct services. The first service is Rau-Tech Duramantan, which is when you want entire surfaces coated, and Rau-Tech Colormantan is where they coat only parts of surfaces while leaving some of the base metal exposed. Duramantan allows for different colors to be used, but only one color per each entire surface. Colormantan is for the more creative customization and allows for much more unique creations. While the example images of Rolex Gmt Master Video Replica watches with the Colormantan treatment tends to show squared areas of color, in reality, there is no particular geometric or shape restrictions, and the client can opt for more or less what they want, if we understand Rau-Tech correctly.

Finally! Colorful Coatings For Most Metals: Rau-Tech Custom Rolex Gmt Master Look Alike Replica And Other Watches Watch Releases

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