January 7, 2018

High End New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Perfect Clone Online Shopping

New Steel Rolex Submariner 6200 Replica Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

The long-awaited new steel version of the new generation of Rolex Submariner Two Tone Gold Replica Submariner watches is here. The official name is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date. This is not a surprise release from the brand for 2010. However, the introduction of a standard green dial is something I didn’t expect. Like clockwork, over the last few years Rolex has been updating their GMT Master II collection and then a white gold new Submariner. Last year, they released a new two-tone (steel and gold) Submariner watch with a blue or a black dial. It was only logical that this year would see the release of a new all steel Submariner, ref. 116610. This is most important because the steel versions are the most popular – given their position as having the lowest cost version of one of the most popular timepieces on the planet (if not the most popular luxury watch on the planet).

New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

New Steel Rolex Submariner Yellow Gold Replica Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

The new watches have the same 40mm width, but a slightly different shape of case and a new “maxi dial.” Like the other new Submariners and GMT Master II, the dial has larger hands and hour indicators. Plus, the lume should glow blue. Another wonderful addition to the steel Submariners is the ceramic bezel. Rolex calls it “Cerachrom,” and they do it probably better than anyone else. The ceramic has a beautiful tone and is very crisp-looking. Compared to the ceramic bezel on the GMT Master II, the Submariner bezels are a more of a matte finish.

A broader case looks elegant as ever and still thin. Even though the Submariner is smaller at 40mm in size that most modern men’s watches, it still holds it own quite well. A bold wrist look that you just can’t beat. Don’t forget that the case is water resistant to 300 meters in this “original” mainstream true diver’s watch. The larger hands and indexes make the face easier to read and dare I say, more Rolexy. The case is not made of grade 316L steel, but rather the higher grade grade 904L steel that has all sorts of special chemical resistance abilities.

New Steel Rolex Submariner Hodinkee Replica Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

New Steel Rolex Submariner Model History Replica Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

Green is a color that Rolex is known for using in special models. The release of a new mainstream Submariner model is a special occasion. It is a substantial tone that isn’t too bright or dark. The dial is metallic, while Rolex calls “Green Gold.” There is another reason for the green face – to help get existing Submariner buyers to get one. If you have a previous generation Submariner there isn’t huge incentive to upgrade unless you are “that type of person.” But with a new dial color, and potentially new personality, existing fans will see reason to add to their collection.

Thankfully, we now have a Submariner with the famous Rolex Submariner Watch Band Replica Glide-Lock clasp. This gives the bracelet clasp a special micro-adjust ability that gives it a very precise fit. Plus, you can change the size as often as you like for tighter or looser days. Rolex isn’t the first to have a special bracelet clasp like this, but they do it oh so well. Inside the watch is the same invincible 3135 automatic COSC Chronometer certified movement. Not much to say there, there are few better three-hand date movements out there. It is of course 100% made and designed by Rolex. Price for the new Submariner watches hasn’t been released yet, but I suspect they will be almost identical to the outgoing models. Look for them in stores soon watch lovers. The new piece might not be a monumental upgrade, but that isn’t watch Rolex does. They just keep making their good stuff better.

New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

New Steel Rolex Submariner Youtube Replica Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

REFERENCE (CASE / BRACELET): 116610 LN/V / 97200

Diameter: 40 mm
Material: 904L steel
Bezel: unidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated
with black or green Cerachrom insert, platinum graduations
Winding crown: Triplock
The rotating bezel on the Submariner used to have an aluminum insert with the moment signs printed on it, but a couple of years ago Rolex moved to creating ceramic bezels. This was a distinct upgrade and Rolex calls for their ceramic “Cerachrom.” Sounds fancy right? The manufacturing process of the bezel include engraved numerals and lume. Some dive watches have lume in the whole bezel, but the Submariner is more conventional with a single lume point (pip) at 12 o’clock. The black ceramic bezel is thinner than aluminum, but is much more durable and extremely scratch resistant. Ceramic bezels are a superb thing. One of the many Rolex Submariner models available you can acquire ceramic bezels in blue, black, and green.On the wrist, the Rolex Submariner is a rather relaxation friendly watch. Rolex has had decades to enhance the design. It feels so natural on your wrist and to get a dip watch it does not have an extremely tall profile. There is a good reason that many people choose the Rolex Submariner as a daily use. Besides being very comfy, the Rolex Submariner has the added quality of looking good on most wrists. Additionally, it has versatile style that seemingly works with everything from jeans and t-shirt to practically a tuxedo. Very few watches can assert that.Rolex provided a substantial bracelet update for its latest generation Rolex Submariner models. The most important elements of the upgrade are the bracelet’s profile and capacity to be micro-adjusted. More importantly in a second. For years, the Rolex Submariner bracelet was a three-link tapering metal bracelet. Tapering means the lugs get thinner closer to the deployant clasp. This really helps the bracelet be comfy, and makes the situation look a bit larger. Few manufacturers create bracelets with tapering links because it increases the numbers of character types they will need to make to make them. Though I suggest tapering bracelets when they’re readily available.
shoulders to protect the crown
Crystal: sapphire, Cyclops lens with anti-reflective coating
Waterproofness: 300 m (1,000 ft)

Calibre: 3135
Self-winding: Perpetual rotor
Date: instantaneous change and rapid setting
Oscillator: frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 beats/hour)
Parachrom hairspring with Breguet overcoil
Precision: COSC-certified chronometer
Power reserve: ~48 hours

Green version has green gold dial
Hour markers: luminescent Chromalight
Hands: luminescent Chromalight

Material: 904L steel
Type: Oyster
Clasp: Rolex Glidelock

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To improve the visibility of this date window, the crystal on the reference 116610 features a “Cyclops” magnification bubble in the 3 o’clock position. The Cyclops protrudes slightly from the surface of the sapphire crystal, and enhances the date screen by 2.5 times its normal size. Along with magnifying the date aperture, the Cyclops can be among the very recognizable and distinct of Rolex’s features.Past generations of no-date Submariners differed in their date-displaying counterparts in their movements were not COSC rated. However, since both the calibre 3135 as well as the calibre 3130 are chronometer-certified, the gap in functionality should be almost non-existent. Some will select the reference 116610 for the utility of this date feature, while others might pick it because they like the visual appearance the Cyclops adds to the face of the watch. Other buyers will choose the benchmark 114060 Submariner due to its lower cost, even though some might select it since they prefer the symmetrical layout of its dial.Both Submariners are excellent watches, and either selection is going to be a very solid purchase. People typically prefer one Submariner to the other for many different different reasons, and that is exactly why Rolex Submariner Cheap Replica creates both versions. Whether the you decide on the 114060 or the 116610, both choices are excellent watches and great investments.

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