November 24, 2016

New Style Rolex Explorer II Replica Watches ref. 216570

The New Style Rolex Explorer II Replica Watches ref. 216570 is available with white or black dial. Additionally, Rolex ranks as one of the top five most valuable brands when it comes to luxury goods. Well, even with all that, in our case, our love for the brand started to diminish as a result of the natural evolution that watch collectors go through, but we also became less interested in modern Rolexes as their watches became flashier and less ‘toolish’.

But, what makes Rolex Explorer II Replica Watches so special and successful? There’s only one good answer to this question: their watches are consistently well made and built to last a lifetime —not to mention, that their marketing and branding strategy is simply flawless. Fitted with a 904L stainless steel case in a larger size than most other Rolex sports models, its case measures 42 mm in diameter and 13 mm in thickness; therefore, the Explorer II ref. 216570 is more robust and more of a ‘tool’ watch. Maintaining the cues of the previous generations of the Rolex Explorer II, the watch is equipped with the signature twinlock screw-down crown easily identifiable by the dash under the Rolex coronet.

Considering that it’s been a while since we last published a hands-on review of a modern Rolex timepiece, we decided to work on this special review of what we consider to be our favorite modern era Rolex watch. As you all know, Rolex is the typical gateway to the luxury watch category and a brand with the highest ‘top of mind’ in the luxury watch world.

For us, the white dial Rolex Explorer Replica Watches not only offers better readability but is also way nicer than its black counterpart The glossy white dial features markers with black surrounds, black hour/minute/seconds hands and a bright orange 24-hour hand that adds perfect contrast against the white background.

By pulling the winding crown out to the first position, the wearer can move the black hour hand independently to set the home time and to set the date forward or backwards. Then by pulling the crown to the second position, the wearer can set the time as he/she would on any regular watch and sync its orange hand to work as a military time indicator.

The markers and hands are coated with Chromalight —Rolex’s proprietary luminescent coating— to provide bright long lasting readability in low-light environments or at night. This new blue lume is extremely powerful and exceptional in appearance.

The Rolex Replica Watches  was first released in 1971 and today, after a couple of makeovers through four decades, is still a robust highly refined tool made to last a lifetime. The watch of choice for speleologists, volcanologists and polar and jungle explorers. Thanks to its Oyster case and twinlock crown, the Explorer II ref. 216570 is waterproof to a 100 meters.

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