September 6, 2016

Top quality popeye special edition yachtmaster rolex watch replica online

However, sadly so, this popeye yachtmaster rolex watch replica too is limited and will produce only only 10 pieces for retail. So if you are dying to get your hands on one of the Popeye “armed” hour and minutes, you better hurry. Price available on request through Bamford Watch Department.

popeye yachtmaster rolex watch

Last year, the collaboration and the rolex yachtmaster replica presented us an interesting Rolex featuring everyone’s cartoon favorite – Popeye the sailor. History has it that the watch sold like hot cakes, soon going out of stock to the disappointment of many.

popeye yachtmaster rolex watch

Back with a bang on popular rolex replica watch  is the same timepiece by the duo, but this time adorning an 18ct yellow gold exterior unlike its earlier black PVD edition. Presenting to you the Special Edition “Popeye” Rolex Yachtmaster. Complete with the traditional workings, the special edition is a carbon copy of its earlier version, the only difference being its coating.

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