October 13, 2016

Top Quality Rolex Oyster Date Mickey Mouse Replica Watch

Each where in steel and about 35-36mm wide Top Quality Rolex Oyster Date Mickey Mouse Replica Watch. Today they are best for women and children – as well as other avid collectors. Back then these would have been men’s models.Most Mickey Mouse Rolex dials where in Oyster Date and other similar models.

Things really were different back then – take for example Disney working with Rolex Oyster Date Mickey Mouse Replica Watch to put a classic form of Mickey Mouse on a watch dial. There has been a lot of argument online whether or not these watches are real. Today’s Rolex would not likely ever put Mickey Mouse or any character on their watches (though leopard print is a different story). So it makes sense that today’s brand devotees are skeptical of these timepieces.

The original Mickey Mouse watches used his hands as the watch hands. Rolex didn’t seem to want to do that, so they used their standard hands and hour markers, but with a nice quality “homage dial” that was meant to remind you of the original Mickey Mouse watches.For this reason Mickey’s hands look odd.

In that time there seems to have been a series of Rolex Replica Watch with Mickey on the dial. There is actually some merit to this argument because aftermarket Mickey Mouse Rolexes do exist. Based on my research however, I would say that it looks very likely that Rolex did have an actual relationship with Disney in mostly the 1960s and 1970s up to the early 1980s. These appear to be direct homages to the original Ingersoll Mickey Mouse dials.It has been suggested that all Mickey Mouse dialed Rolex watches are fakes. Well not necessarily fake Rolex watches, but rather real ones that have had aftermarket dials placed in the watch.

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