November 10, 2016

White dial rolex day date president white gold replica watch

Yes, I’ll call the classic and elegant White dial rolex day date president white gold replica watch old school in here but specially this fake Rolex Day-Date is more of a vintage piece than anything. I think it’s all because of the all stainless steel and simple plain white dial combination.

Bracelet is two-tone brushed and polished and the rolex day date president white gold replica watch  logo on the clasp looks good too. My uncle likes is and I’m glad I could help him get exactly what he wanted though I was kind of reluctant in the beginning and suggested a more interesting two-tone piece. Glad I listened to him and got the chance to grab it and show it to you guys.

rolex day date president white gold

The roman numerals come to enforce this and so does the fluted bezel. I think white dials will always be more vintage than the black ones because white dials rolex day date president replica watch were always used in the beginnings so one could easily read the hands on it. I don’t want to do that, though come to think of it they’re way more familiar with it and they were more exposed to this model when they were younger than we, the younger generation, will ever be. Easy to wear as an everyday piece as the Japanese movement is reliable and precise.

Old school Rolex Day-Date replica watch review. Probably one of the cleanest and simplest rolex day date replica watch  I reviewed on my blog and honestly one of the most classic Rolex replica watches out there.

It’s a piece I would recommend and I see it very easy to pass for an original because there’s nothing on it that would give it away. Date magnifier looks good and the day and date rolex replica watch are very sharp when setting. I like the fully polished case and the fully polished roman numerals and hands. They have such a good glow and make this fake Rolex watch look pretty damn real to me.

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